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Bling20 Swim Goggles
Bling20 Swim Goggles

Bling20 Pandamonium Swim Goggles - Pink

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Come on in the water is perfect! She will swim to her hearts content in these adorable swim goggles from Bling20. These cute bubblegum pink swim goggles feature donunt sprinkles, yum! Make a splash with these adorable Bling2o Donut Sprinkls Swim Goggles. Details: • UV protection • Adjustable silicon comfort strap • Anti-fog lenses • Includes hard case
Item Number: 30630
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With Bling2o, life never comes in black and white. Pandamonium comes in our novelty bear shaped frame with a shining heart rhinestone nose, heart printed AB lens finished with a silicone bow slider on the strap. 

These goggles offer a variety of features proving they are the real deal.  Not like the kind you find in drugstores, these don't fog and fit comfortably. 

Material Type
  • 100% silicone
  • latex-free
Lens Type
  • uv protection
  • anti-fog
  • 8 years and up
  • hard protective case