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Miki Miette Scout Goldie Bomber Jacket
Miki Miette Star Print Bomber Jacket

Miki Miette Scout Goldie Bomber Jacket

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Girls Miki Miette star print bomber jacket with striped waistband and cuffs. Miki Miette was born when the designer had her first child and was inspired to create her own styles. Miki Miette is fashioned with the softest materials that the children just love to wear. We think these fashions are perfect for everyday wear, keep the girls comfortable enough to romp and play, yet looking adorable at the same time.
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Adorable blush pink bomber jacket with stars and stripes detailing. We are excited to add Miki Miette to our children's boutique this season. More and more we are hearing from moms that the girls want comfortable, easy to wear clothing but still desire the element of style and fashion flare. We think Miki Miette clothing has fit the bill for both. We love this designers vision and how she spends a lot of time reflecting and thinking about what we liked to wear as young girls. Miki Miette designs children’s boutique clothes for girls. They have decided to challenge the norm with unconventional color combinations and silhouettes, expanding everyone’s perceptions of pretty with styles that both mother and daughter love. Miki Miette clothing is available in a size range from baby girls clothing, toddler girls, big girls to tween sizing.