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  6. Ooly Brilliant Bee Crayons - Set Of 12

Ooly Brilliant Bee Crayons - Set Of 12

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We love these all natural crayons from Ooly. Made from bees wax, these crayons glide and color brilliantly. Set of 12 colors so your child can create anything their heart imagines. Triangle shape for a great ergonomic fit in your child's hand.
Item Number: 30812
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  • ERGONOMIC: Thick and triangular shaped for a great ergonomic fit. Roll away crayons are a thing of the past.
  • BOLD COLORS: Bright, vivid and triangular shaped crayons; Brilliant Bee Crayons have it all. When you're coloring with Brilliant Bee Crayons you can bet that your art will stand out.
  • VERSATILITY: Brilliant Bees work great on black paper too.
  • USABILITY: The colors lay smoothly on paper and are thick for easy use.
  • PORTABLE: Beautiful box creates easy portability for crayons to go with you on-the-go. Bring with you anywhere and everywhere!