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Ice Cream Cone Eraser Set
Ice Cream Cone Eraser Set

Ooly Ice Cream Scented Erasers - Set Of 6

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Vanilla Scented Erasers
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Make her day with a cute gift from Everything But The Princess Erasers that are shaped like ice cream cones that smell like sweet vanilla… a perfect mix for erasing pencils mistakes. Petite Sweets Ice Cream Shoppe Scented Erasers are the exquisite delectable shaped erasers that will bring color and a sweet smell to your office, home or school. These little ice cream cones are pocket sized too, at one and a half inches tall you can take them anywhere. Each set comes with 6 ice cream cone erasers each with a different candy color for maximum cuteness. Ice Cream Shaped Erasers Vanilla Scented Set of 6 1.5 Inches Tall Puzzle Eraser that You Can Take Apart and Put Back Together