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Macaroon Eraser Set
Macaroon Eraser Set

Ooly Macaroon Scented Erasers - Set Of 6

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Vanilla Scented Erasers
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Make her day with a cute gift from Everything But The Princess MACARON SHAPED ERASERS A delectable looking eraser that you’ll swear came straight from a bakery in France. The Macarons Vanilla Scented Erasers are the tastiest looking pencil erasers you’ll ever see. But please don’t eat them! They’re for erasing! Modeled to look like the delicious confection from Europe, the Macarons Erasers come in 6 cute colors and smell like the dreamiest vanilla treat you’ve ever seen. And for extra fun you can mix and match colors for all sorts of fun pastry color combinations. At just over an inch around Macarons Erasers are the most perfectly delicious looking eraser for your school, office or home use. Cute Pastry Erasers Vanilla Scented Mix and Match Colors 1 ¼ Inches Round Set of 6