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Ooly Scented Stickers - Girl Power

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Your Price: $7.50
2 Sticker Sheets And 8 Jumbo Stickers from Ooly. These are strawberry scented, yum! Great for girls to decorate their notebooks or to use for scrapbooking and art projects.
Item Number: 30809
Availability: In Stock

  • ADD SOME GIRL POWER FLAIR - Add some GRL PWR flair to your projects, notes, art, and stationery with these adorable, scented quote stickers.
  • COMPLETE YOUR GRL PWR COLLECTION - Pair these stickers for kids with Ooly's other super-cute GRL PWR erasers, graphite pencils, Mini Pocket Pal Journals, and scented gel pens!
  • A WORLD OF FRUITY SCENTS - You'll love the smell of these strawberry cool stickers. Simply pick the design, stick it to whatever you like, and scratch to release some fun, fruity scents!
  • EMPOWERING - Features cute stickers empowering quotes and fun, lively designs meant to inspire.
  • A UNIQUE GIFT - scrapbook stickers fun gift for any occasion. Suitable for children 3 years and up.