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Childs Face Mask
Childs Face Mask

Truly Me New Mermaid Dreams * Child * Face Mask

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This mask has been created for you and your little one's safety. Be protected and look your best at the same time! Dart pattern on nose provides room to breathe better and a cupped chin gives extra comfort. Binding ear loop is adjustable and easy to control. Inside pocket included if you decide to use replaceable filters. 3 Filters Are Included
Item Number: 31669
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Each mask comes with three filters included.
More filters can be purchased separately.
Please note that our masks can be worn with or without filters.
Filters are an optional component.
Care instructions:
Wash mask often. Hand wash in warm water with detergent. Hang/air dry. Discard filter before washing. Filter is not washable. Extra filters sold separately.